Choose to stay at a B&B

B&B guests enjoy local, organic fresh fruit with their healthy breakfast. Seeking a travel experience? Try a Bed and Breakfast. B&Bs, more than homeshares, bring us together with others. While that might not be for everyone all the time—total strangers first thing in the morning?—here’s why it’s better for you. First, a small licensed B&B is safe, as well as comfortable. Second you get a specially made breakfast at a beautiful table with a lovely view and the chance to share a cup of coffee with someone new.

Tips on fishing, bike routes, the best gap to drive over the mountain, but also interesting colleges to visit, a few times I have overheard guests networking for jobs! We are human. We need relationships. So, while the food is delicious and the beds are comfy, stay with us for the alchemy of the breakfast table. Before exploring the green mountains and local brew pubs guests mingle over delicious coffee.

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