Special (Long-term) Guests Arrive

When you travel north to Vermont in the spring you might feel as if you are going back in time. You get to watch the maple leaves unfurl and behold the daffodils–or the lilacs depending on the timing–again! Double medicine. So, if your forsythia is fading, come to Cornwall, Vermont. Ours is a-blaze. The cold weather in 2019 has allowed the whole performance to last even longer. Lucky us.

Innkeeper floating in a small paddle boat on a pond.

The Cornwall Orchards pond, home to flycatchers, green frogs, and painted turtles. If you want to paddle, there are plenty of great rivers and lakes near by!

May and June are especially beautiful on the Cornwall Orchards property. Guests can unplug, walk our trails, and reconnect with nature. We have three turtles in the pond, a newly planted forest of balsam fir, serviceberry, linden, and hazelnut trees. and we have eight, two-week old chicks!

A box with 8 baby chicks in different colors.

Week-old chicks in the Cornwall Orchards brooder.

Today they are looking scruffy as their real feathers come in. Next October we hope to serve our own colorful eggs. The chickens will be in the coop in June, devouring compostable table scraps, and helping us keep the gardens blooming.

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