Christmas Backyard Bird Count at a Vermont B&B

In December, local affiliates of the Audubon Society count birds to determine the health and shifting ranges of the U.S. bird population. 

Today we innkeepers are citizen scientists watching (coffee in hand) the woodpeckers, chickadees, and juncos as they enjoy the bird feeders at the Cornwall Orchards B&B.

In winter and summer B&B guests enjoy the views of our 13 acre property along with their coffee and breakfast conversation. Our property is one third rolling meadow; one third maple-cottonwood-oak forest; and one third wetlands, cultivated orchard, and gardens. The fields support the voles and other small animals that hawks, owls and four-legged predators feed on. The mixed growth forest has old and dead trees — providing shelter to many bird species. The buds, flowers and fruit of our blackberries, raspberries, apples, and currants (as well as sunflowers) are shared with residents and migrants alike, both avian and human!

In permaculture, one of the principles is acceptance of nature. Our Vermont B&B guests enjoy fresh applesauce, raspberries on pancakes, currant jelly on toast.  We celebrate that cedar waxwings need to eat too!

This national Christmas Bird Count documents one measurable effect of climate change–where birds spend the winter. Are you counting birds this week? Hope to see you at Cornwall orchards B&B for some birdwatching anytime of year.

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