Perfect Vermont B&B for Muggle Parents

Backside of two black and white chairs in sun-dappled grass overlooking a green field with trees in the distanceMiddlebury College fields a number of formidable teams for the NESCAC, among them soccer, lacrosse, hockey and, of course, rowing (our specialty). Middlebury College was 2016 national champions in women’s lacrosse. Parents who live in the northeast make the trek to central Vermont to watch the play and spend the night. We hosted soccer parents last week and a prospective lacrosse player this week. But we had no idea that magic alights atop the athletic buildings! This is the school where college quidditch began. A dozen teams played a tournament today followed by a community festival. Muggles and wizards mingled easily Next year, we’ll be ready to host muggle parents and help them relax after the unusual fun.

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