How to Use Apple Wood for Decor at a B&B

Our Vermont B&B’s apple-themed dining room needed window adornment. I couldn’t face buying curtains made in China or choosing a fabric and designing a swag for someone else to sew properly. So, instead, I dug out a large piece of green African print fabric my mother collected in the 1980’s, thinking to drape it around the three west-facing windows. It went beautifully with Margaret Zox Brown’s exuberant painting, Study After, Apples. But I needed some kind of hooks, nobs, or something interesting to drape the cloth on. My sister-in-law and her friend had a perfect idea. Why not bring nature inside? 

We gathered windfall apples last Saturday, and afterward pruned dead wood from two of the trees. Miles cut a few lichen covered Y sections and brought them back to fashion into hooks. He screwed the handcrafted pieces long-wise on the window frame and voila! The room is lovely. Come see for yourself at Cornwall Orchards b&B in Vermont.


Rustic wood decor


Sew a long tube, fill with tissue, and drape.

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